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Fuck Yourselfie @Dakar 2015

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10 Dakar facts

10 facts that summarize my experience in the  2013 Dakar Rally 01 – waking up every day between 3 and 3:30 a.m. is not an ordinary thing 02 – taking a bath every two or three days is a viable mess 03 – dunes, bushes and the roadside are much more pleasant toilets than the […]

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Hot wheels (part 2)

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Dry sand

Nothing better than shooting with all in favor: the late afternoon light, dry sand, wind in the right direction and Felipe Zanol, the champion of Sertões Rally 2012, riding at full speed.

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Finish line portraits

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Dakar 2012

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Go Zanol

The Minas Gerais state-based bike rider Felipe Zanol was a surprise when he showed up in the world of rally, finishing Sertões Rally in second place for two years in a row, in his first two races. With a much inferior bike, he was second only to the great champions: in 2010 Marc Coma, and […]

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Sertões 2011

Good planning of photography spots in Sertões is critical to have the best action shots. These places are not always easy to reach or leave, but if they are the best, that’s where we go. But sometimes the information we receive from the organizers does not match reality and we get frustrated when arriving at a bad spot. This year, days before the start, I […]

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X-fighters Brasília

Somewhere around 100,000 people took the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasilia to watch a dozen of the best and most insane bike riders ever seen. It was the second stage of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2011. A record attendance was established, and the event was a skill and boldness extravaganza. The complexity of the presentations, […]

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Grand Prix of the Amazon

No Formula 1, no rally or boat racing. The GP of the Amazon is a Jerico motor racing. Did not understand? Think about a bunch of cars made ​​in the back yard with well pump engines and junkyard parts, running on a muddy track named Jericódromo. This is the formula for making a fun race […]

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