Dakar 2011

The easiest part of covering the Dakar Rally is to take pictures, at least for us who drive. The chances of all going wrong are there all the time, and one can be sure something will go wrong: the car breaks down at the wrong time, the tire flats repeatedly, the police will not let you go even though you’re accredited, the leader is not where you hoped they would pass, the locals still stay near the track at the risk of being hit or getting in the way of the picture, among many other things. You also have to deal with the large distances between the camps, often tricky to navigate and with the few hours of sleep, because the photos need to be sent daily. But in the end, after about 5,600 miles driven in 15 days, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back, twice crossing the Andes and the Atacama desert, I’m already making plans and thinking: what about next year?
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    Poxa muito bacana, sempre tive muita vontade de fotografar o dakar, principalmente agora que ta mais perto do brasil. Espero poder ir em 2012. Mas ainda tenho que estudar muito sobre como, quando, com quem e onde ir e ficar. Enfim. Muito bom seu trabalho.


  2. Marcos Moura
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    Fala Maragni! Cara, achei aqui seu blog por acaso, já babei em todas fotos! Cara, parabéns de verdade, muito foda!
    Já mostrei pros meus pais, até disse que costumo ver por aí umas fotos bonitas, mas as suas estão acima desse nível! FODA!
    Um grande abraço!

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