10 Dakar facts

10 facts that summarize my experience in the  2013 Dakar Rally

01 – waking up every day between 3 and 3:30 a.m. is not an ordinary thing

02 – taking a bath every two or three days is a viable mess

03 – dunes, bushes and the roadside are much more pleasant toilets than the chemical ones

04 – Murphy’s Law is true and proven: only the late ones get flats

05 – there’s no way canned food could be tasty or healthy

06 – sleepiness is more cruel and dangerous than hunger and thirst together

07 – unstucking a car is as good as going to the gym

08 – camping on stony ground, with the sound of generators and engines is better than losing sleep time looking for a hotel room

09 – some French have forgotten the motto of the French Revolution

10 – even the craziest Russian guy  – the one who drives a 9.5-ton truck at 160 km/h off-road weeps when crossing the finish line as the winner of the Dakar

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