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wtf! 18’32”

Eighteen minutes and thirty seconds underwater, without air! This is just one of the apnea world records held by the Brazilian Karol Meyer. Another impressive mark is depth: 121 meters with the air in her lungs only. The greatest difficulty is compensating ear pressure, once the air is compressed while the diver gets deeper. Guess who […]

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Itatiaia, finally

It had been 20 years since I visited Itatiaia National Park. Last time I’ve been there I was still a kid, and I can’t even remember how did it go. At that time I didn’t even dream about being a photographer. Itatiaia is the first Brazilian National Park, and a mandatory passage for any outdoor […]

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Hot wheels

It was a hot dispute at the Mitsubishi Cup last weekend. So hot that car #41 took it seriously and set the sugarcane crop on flames. During the lowest air humidity week in the year, not even 10 fire extinguishers were enough to keep the car from turning into ashes. Next time the driver will […]

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