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More MTB

If the athletes were wanting more (previous post), they must have had a good reason.

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Six days of mountain bike in one of the most gorgeous Brazilian places… and six rainy days. The sun shone at some moments, though, but rain prevailed. This was the debut of Claro Brazil Ride, mountain bike ultra marathon that is now part of the world calendar, along with races like Cape-Epic, Trans-Alps, and Trans-Rockies. […]

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Drifting Extreme

At first sight, this may seem a lunatic’s sport. But looking closer it is certain that the driver has total control of the machine and each passage along the guardrail or the precipice are precisely calculated. I am speaking of drifting, a sport that consists of skidding the car all the times, which allows you […]

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No Tango in Buenos Aires

No Tango at all. Buenos Aires’s beat is, unquestionably, the Maracatu. But this is not the world known Buenos Aires, but the homonym Buenos Aires, Pernambuco state, Brazl. Located in the Zona da Mata, one-hour drive from the capital Recife, the region produces sugarcane, and as the neighbor, Nazaré da Mata, produces the colorful Maracatu […]

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