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5 thousand-star hotel

During the last Dakar Rally, as we crossed the Andes, we arrived in the Chilean city of San Pedro de Atacama around 3 am. After about half an hour knocking on the door of all the hotels and inns that are near each other, we were sure they were all booked. The solution was to […]

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Neymar Soccer Club

From time to time a new hero is born in Brazil. The best soccer player becomes, in a short period, responsible for the joy of a soccer-powered people. The chances of winning the next World Cup are in his hands. And now there is a love story with a country where the top scorer is […]

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Dakar 2011

The easiest part of covering the Dakar Rally is to take pictures, at least for us who drive. The chances of all going wrong are there all the time, and one can be sure something will go wrong: the car breaks down at the wrong time, the tire flats repeatedly, the police will not let […]

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