When I saw B-Boy Junior coming to our photo session, limping and using a cane, I could not not wonder what this Zaire-born Frenchman was capable of. Victim of polio as a child he compensates any leg handicap dancing on his arms. No wonder they call him the ‘Alien’.

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Orlando Duque visits Chapada Diamantina

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Hot wheels (part 2)

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Dry sand

Nothing better than shooting with all in favor: the late afternoon light, dry sand, wind in the right direction and Felipe Zanol, the champion of Sertões Rally 2012, riding at full speed.

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A small expedition to shoot Cedric Dupont and Jonathan Flores on the first jump of huge Gocta waterfall, in the Peruvian Amazon. It was the first time someone jumped off the waterfall and also the first time I photographed this sport and I can guarantee that I felt like jumping with them. Only I lack guts and skills.

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Brazilian storm

Adriano de Souza and Gabriel Medina showing that the new generation of Brazilian surfing is taking it seriously.

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Like water

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Skate Generation

Three generations of the elite of skateboard meet annually in the RTMF bowl for a great celebration on the four little wheels. A league that looks more like a family party, where each team is composed of a legendary skateboarder, a professional and an amateur. The competition ends up being just an excuse to bring together the biggest names in the sport,  just skate and have fun.

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BC-One All Stars in Rio

Agility, flexibility, speed, creativity and a lot of muscle power. These are the world all-stars of break dance on a visit to Rio de Janeiro.

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