Fotografe Mag

12 pages about my work in this month’s Fotografe magazine. (march 2012).

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National Passion

Just a photo to celebrate the national passion.

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Finish line portraits

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Dakar 2012

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Go Zanol

The Minas Gerais state-based bike rider Felipe Zanol was a surprise when he showed up in the world of rally, finishing Sertões Rally in second place for two years in a row, in his first two races. With a much inferior bike, he was second only to the great champions: in 2010 Marc Coma, and in 2011 Cyril Despres, both KTM-team riders. Now riding a KTM almost as good as Cyril and Coma’s motorbikes, Zanol will have two major challenges for his debut in the next Dakar Rally: riding on the sand and navigation. He has already proven that he dominates speed, now is time to learn the tricks of the world’s greatest rally and overcome these two new challenges. Good luck!

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Run Forest, run!

600km from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro: on foot. A three-day relay race between the Ibirapuera Park and Ipanema Beach. Hype, sweat, a very well designed route, and first class structure pleased more than two hundred athletes.

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B-Boys Making Of

B-Boys in Motion Making Of

Check out the pictures here

And also on TV:


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Pou brothers

I met the Pou brothers in the beginning of the year, climbing the sandstone walls of Canyon do Talhado between Sergipe and Alagoas states. Some months later the duo returned to Brazil to climb some of the best-known and most difficult routes of Rio de Janeiro. We photographed for two days, but the rainy weather did not help. The coolest part was watching the number of climbers who stopped to watch Iker Pou climbing a very hard and well-known boulder in the city, Southern Comfort, a.k.a. Via do Alemão [The German Guy’s Route], repeated by very few athletes today.

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Sertões 2011

Good planning of photography spots in Sertões is critical to have the best action shots. These places are not always easy to reach or leave, but if they are the best, that’s where we go. But sometimes the information we receive from the organizers does not match reality and we get frustrated when arriving at a bad spot. This year, days before the start, I went through the whole rally routes in a different way: by Google Earth. With the GPS route in hand, I examined every curve of more than 4000km of race, analyzed the terrain textures, the published   photos, and marked picture waypoints for the whole 8-photographers team. I have also traced access and escape routes, shortcuts that were a great time saver. The process was successful, and the hours of sleep were highly increased: a well-done homework means acing the exams!

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