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Dakar 2012

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Go Zanol

The Minas Gerais state-based bike rider Felipe Zanol was a surprise when he showed up in the world of rally, finishing Sertões Rally in second place for two years in a row, in his first two races. With a much inferior bike, he was second only to the great champions: in 2010 Marc Coma, and […]

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Run Forest, run!

600km from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro: on foot. A three-day relay race between the Ibirapuera Park and Ipanema Beach. Hype, sweat, a very well designed route, and first class structure pleased more than two hundred athletes.

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Pou brothers

I met the Pou brothers in the beginning of the year, climbing the sandstone walls of Canyon do Talhado between Sergipe and Alagoas states. Some months later the duo returned to Brazil to climb some of the best-known and most difficult routes of Rio de Janeiro. We photographed for two days, but the rainy weather did not help. The coolest part was watching the number […]

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Climbing trees is not really a sport, but a means to reach the canopy, representing a large part of the forest biological diversity and important research source. I went to the Mitra do Bispo Natural Heritage Private Reserve, in Minas Gerais state, with the Dossel Brasil team, to climb some trees of the Atlantic Forest. […]

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Waterfall Wakeskate

I’ve been in the Serra do Cipó to shoot canyoning and also adventure race, but I could not imagine what would take me once again to this paradise of mountains and waterfalls. Two lunatics, André Wanderley and Teca Lobato were determined to go off-limits in their sports, wakeskate and wakeboard respectively, using the waterfalls of […]

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Psychological control

That climbing is a sport that combines physical and mind, I have never questioned it, but climbing without ropes is something for those very cold-blooded ones. This is the hype of psicobloc, a kind of climbing without ropes, but with water underneath. Either a river, lake or sea, the higher one climbs, the greater the […]

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Grand Prix of the Amazon

No Formula 1, no rally or boat racing. The GP of the Amazon is a Jerico motor racing. Did not understand? Think about a bunch of cars made ​​in the back yard with well pump engines and junkyard parts, running on a muddy track named Jericódromo. This is the formula for making a fun race […]

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5 thousand-star hotel

During the last Dakar Rally, as we crossed the Andes, we arrived in the Chilean city of San Pedro de Atacama around 3 am. After about half an hour knocking on the door of all the hotels and inns that are near each other, we were sure they were all booked. The solution was to […]

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Dakar 2011

The easiest part of covering the Dakar Rally is to take pictures, at least for us who drive. The chances of all going wrong are there all the time, and one can be sure something will go wrong: the car breaks down at the wrong time, the tire flats repeatedly, the police will not let […]

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