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Trip Magazine

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Surfing Lights

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Esporte Espetacular

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Wake Premiere

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Brazilian storm

Adriano de Souza and Gabriel Medina showing that the new generation of Brazilian surfing is taking it seriously.

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Skate Generation

Three generations of the elite of skateboard meet annually in the RTMF bowl for a great celebration on the four little wheels. A league that looks more like a family party, where each team is composed of a legendary skateboarder, a professional and an amateur. The competition ends up being just an excuse to bring […]

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Three perfect days. Blue skies, snow and few people at Portillo, Chile, ski resort. The best part of photographing for tourism magazines is that you can have fun while working. I must confess that I spent more time with the snowboard on my feet, than with camera in my hands.

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Waterfall Wakeskate

I’ve been in the Serra do Cipó to shoot canyoning and also adventure race, but I could not imagine what would take me once again to this paradise of mountains and waterfalls. Two lunatics, André Wanderley and Teca Lobato were determined to go off-limits in their sports, wakeskate and wakeboard respectively, using the waterfalls of […]

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Wake-up Brasília

6:30 a.m., and Dutch wakeboarder Duncan Zuur strikes again. After Venice and Amsterdam, the athlete rips the waters of the reflecting pool of the National Congress in Brasilia, before the security guards took notice. For me, a tricky job. I was there for one shot, and a unique chance to do it. The picture would […]

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