Copiapó shoe

Copiapó shoe

The last Dakar rally had its most interesting and thrilling stretches on the Atacama Desert dunes around Copiapó, at the exact place where the Chilean miners got trapped by a landslide. There were four stages leaving or getting to the camp near the city. On January 10th 2010, the stage left Antofagasta towards Copiapó. Our team decided to take photos near the finish line, on the dunes, but since we did not manage to drive up the dune, we had to drag ourselves uphill on foot.

We spent the whole day under the desert’s sun, walking on sand, doing an exhaustive work.

It was late afternoon, when I was almost done with my photos, and I found an old shoe on the sand, all twisted and mauled by the heat. It was probably a miner’s shoe (since it had metal protection around the toes, heels and under the innersole). I just thought: ‘if I’m suffering so much just taking photos, I wonder how much this shoe’s owner has suffered’.

This was the only souvenir I brought from the rally. The shoe was converted on flowerpot in my living room, just to remind me that although my job may seem hard sometimes, it’s not really that hard.

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