Psychological control

That climbing is a sport that combines physical and mind, I have never questioned it, but climbing without ropes is something for those very cold-blooded ones. This is the hype of psicobloc, a kind of climbing without ropes, but with water underneath. Either a river, lake or sea, the higher one climbs, the greater the risk of an awkward fall. And the interesting side of the sport is the psychological effect. Stronger and more technical climbers end up not doing as well as other less technical but more focused.

It was at the Canion do Talhado, a tributary of the São Francisco River, where Red Bull Psicobloc took place, an event that brought together the best climbers in the country to test their nerves on brittle sandstone rocks. Lucas Marques, a Minas Gerais born and Rio de Janeiro based climber showed that he totally dominates skill and concentration, even stirring the nerves of those who were watching. Going higher than anyone else, he climbed two routes up to the end. He climbed so high that from the summit, it was impossible to jump back to the water.

Psychological control

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